Your Unique Style of Leading

You know that you’re a leader, don’t you? I suggest that you read Donna’s post from July if you don’t think you are. You can find it here (Me? A Leader? I Don’t Think so …. )

Here are some styles that you may have heard of, or experienced.

  1. Autocratic

This style involves a leader making all decisions, without consultation from others. While this is not considered a desirable style to operate from generally, it can be helpful to adopt in crisis situations.

  1. Participative

This style of leadership involves a leader consulting with others, before making a final decision on a particular matter. This requires time for a leader to consult team members individually and consider all angles of a task or situation.

  1. Delegative

This style of leadership involves a leader delegating tasks to other team members, while still being responsible for the overall outcome.

Do any of these sound or feel familiar to you? If you’re interested in learning more about leadership styles there is a plethora of information out there. Go ahead and consult Dr. Google.

Whether it be at home, as part of a committee or at work, what would you consider to be your leadership style?

From the various online articles that I’ve read, what emerges is that while you may have a particular default approach as a leader, it is important to assess each situation as you experience it, and respond accordingly. Does this sound familiar to you, as a parent? Perhaps your child responds differently to another, while living through the exact same experience at exactly the same time.

A favourite story of our youngest child is that of Esther, from the old testament. who eventually became Queen, and saved her people. These words from the story stir in me every time I read it…”for such a time as this.” We have all been placed where we are for this very moment, whether we feel that it is significant or not, positive or not. Each time, each moment, contributes to you and your unique style of leading where you are.

While I do want to leave you with some encouraging thoughts, don’t discount the effect that times of difficulty can bring to your journey as a leader. As I have shared with others, my journey with depression has brought about some amazing discussion and relationships that otherwise would not have happened.

What are some strengths that have helped you to this point in time in your life? Do any of these characteristics come naturally to you? Would you like to improve on any of these?

6944865209_6d6e5869e1_z– confidence

– being decisive

– encouraging

– facilitating

– guiding

– listening

– serving

– organising

– public speaking

– coping well with conflict

I encourage you to reflect on your unique way of leading, wherever you find yourself, and to think about these words from Mother Teresa…

“You can do what I cannot do. I can do what you cannot do. Together we can do great things.”

Alice Kan


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