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How Do We Show Children They Are Enough?

My one word for this year is enough.  As I was writing the post about my one word for the year, I pondered how it’s a great word for children as well.  Children need to know that they are enough, just as they are.  That nothing they can do or not do could make you love them any more or any less, then you love them already.  We need to show children they are enough just as they are.

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We Need to Believe We Are Enough

First of all, though, we need to believe that we are enough.  If we don’t believe that we are enough then we will be striving to do things to show or prove that we are enough.  This will send the message to children that they need to do things to be enough.

If we believe that we are enough and that our children are enough, then we can show children that they are enough by our words and actions. 

Affirm Children That They Are Enough

We can affirm that they are enough by what we say to them.  Praise & affirm who they are not the actions that they perform. Write notes to them to affirm what we see in them.

Help children to affirm the gifts & skills that they have. Show them how far they’ve come. For example, “Remember when you used to struggle to tie your shoes and now you do it really well.”

Help them to affirm themselves and use positive self-talk.  Maybe even teach them to say to themselves “I am enough” when they are in a situation where they feel inadequate. Affirm each other regularly or on a person’s birthday go around and get everyone to say what they appreciate about the birthday person.

Remind them often that they don’t need to do anything to win your favour, they are enough just as God has made them.  God has made them just right & God don’t make no junk.

Lots of old 'treasures' with the words "You are made just right. God don't make no junk."

Books About Being Enough

Books can be a great way to teach children or discuss important topics. Here a few books that remind children they are enough:

How do you show children they are enough?

7 thoughts on “How Do We Show Children They Are Enough?”

  1. This is so good for children…all of this. They need to know that they are enough as God created them. I was told I was loved, yet I grew up never feeling good enough, and just enough. It took me many years, 45 really …that is how old I was when I came to know Jesus. Only then and with a godly second husband (who introduced me to Jesus), did I begin to feel enough. Thanks for reminding me that I am never too old to be enough.

    1. Thanks for your comment Linda. No matter our age (young or old), we are enough and sometimes we don’t remember this. May you always know that you are enough, especially with Jesus!

  2. This is so good, Jillian! My theme for Lent this year is “Enough.” (I’m reading Kate Bowler’s book, “Good Enough.”) It’s so tempting to always want to do more, be more, squeeze more in, etc. But it sends the wrong message to others and the wrong message to ourselves when we aren’t satisfied with the enough that we are and we have. I love your word this year!

  3. I ♥️ this so much!

    Children are our future, it’s our job to prepare them for what’s next and confidence in who God created them to be is at the top of the list.

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