About me

I live in Australia, the lucky country. Land of the free, or so they say!

I am married with two beautiful young boys. Each one of them is a tremendous blessing. For many years I thought that I would never have a family of my own. Oh how things change!

I grew up in Adelaide, South Australia and completed a Bachelor of Laws and Legal Practice together with a Bachelor of Arts degree. The whole idea behind the Arts degree was to try to maintain my sanity. I majored in French, sub majored in English. Not that you could ever tell. I think having children has fried my brain, decreasing my vocabulary and ability to maintain a coherent conversation!

I like to write and I like to speak. I like to breathe life and hope into others. I have thoroughly enjoyed and been humbled by the few times that I have had the privilege of speaking in churches or to community groups. Part of me comes alive when I get to share my journey. It excites me that I can bless others in this way. It’s something that I’d like to do more in coming years.

Like most people on this planet I have been through a bit in life and can’t help but think that I have a story to share. As an introduction, I was diagnosed with Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis by the age of four. I had an interesting journey as a child that has continued into my adult life. I’m approaching somewhere around 30 operations and have many a story to tell about life, pain, hope and freedom.

My family are important to me and have been a significant force in my life. My brother is now married to a beautiful lady and they both love my kids. My folks live a few hours away, but we talk reasonably often thanks to modern technology.

My husband’s family is scattered further, making it more difficult to connect on a regular basis.

We have a pet bird called Greenie. Our eldest named him/her.

We attend a local church and are passionate about the Kingdom of God.

I am available to speak with groups in Adelaide about conflict resolution, life with a disability, forgiveness, hope and faith.

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