Wounds or Scars?

I have scars… The carpet burn reminder of an overzealous youthful game of Poison Mat; … unseen scars from delivering two 9lb boys. I’m also not so good with my kitchen knives, so on any given day you will find me with small but painful, self-inflicted wounds on my hands.

I also find scars and wounds on my heart. Wounds are those deep cuts in our lives. There are disappointments, hurts and broken promises of those we have let close enough to wound us. They are open, raw and always painful and none of us walk this life without them. In time, with care, they heal. The pain subsides and sometimes if the wound is deep, we are left with a scar.

A scar, a mark where the wound was, is a sensitive spot, a reminder of hurt. Yet a scar is also a reminder of healing. If there is no scar there will always be a festering wound. If we allow the infection of bitterness or unforgiveness to remain in our wounds they never heal. Allowing ourselves to feel the hurt, to process the pain and to make conscious decisions to clean out those festering feelings, will heal those wounds. It takes time and support to face the pain. (We all recall the sting of Dettol!)

A scar means our skin has not completely returned to normal. And sometimes those scars feel tight or become a little redder when we move a certain way. They stay with us not only as a reminder of the hurt but as a mark of strength. A badge that declares “I am gutsy! I survived!”

“I am brave, I am bruised, this is who I’m meant to be, this is me!”

(Yes, I’ve seen “The Showman” twice already and would be happy to go again… call me!”)


Trish Montgomery
SA Conference Coordinator

What are your scars? Those marks that point out life events that were difficult or painful? Do you still carry open wounds?  Who do you have who can support you while you face the pain?

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