Wonder Women

Earlier this year, I saw “Wonder Woman” at the cinema. I had never read the comics or seen any of the earlier TV shows or movies, so I had nothing with which to compare it. I was inspired … to be wonderful!

“I will fight for those who cannot fight for themselves.”

The character of Diana is a woman of great physical strength and ability, yet also one with a heart full of compassion and courage of conviction.

This year I’ve taken a leaf out of Wonder Woman’s book ? and been more intentional about making a difference with what I have.
I have chosen not to be overwhelmed by all the problems in our world. Instead I have chosen to fight for those in need; in my community, in my country and in my world. I don’t have the finances to sink a well in a developing nation myself but in community with others, I have raised awareness and funds to aid in bringing water to those who so desperately need it. I can’t cure cancer but I have cut and donated my hair to make wigs for cancer patients. I can’t help with someone else’s rent money but I have chosen to add extra items to my shopping trolley to help families doing it tough. Have the eyes to see a need that you can fill. I am Wonder Woman. You are Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman knows who she is, whose she is, and seeks to know all that has been placed within her.
Some of these qualities are strength, wisdom, courage and a loving heart. She trains to develop her abilities and bring them to their full potential, and she soon discovers that some of this potential is only released under great trial.
As mothers, we frequently find that there is more within us than we first understood. Pre-children, we had a certain view of ourselves. With children, we discover we have the strength to survive a lot longer than we thought possible without uninterrupted sleep. We truly understand what it is to continually put the welfare of another ahead of ourselves. We have wisdom deep within us that intuitively aids us as we seek to correct behaviour and raise our children well. We have the courage to make tough decisions to build good character in our little ones. Our loving hearts show up again and again in the face of pain and hardship because they are just that – loving hearts.   I am Wonder Woman. You are Wonder Woman.

“It is our sacred duty to defend the world. And it is what I am going to do.”

Diana knows what she must do, and we as mums defend the world of our children in the same determined fashion. What would it be like if we took a stand and spoke truth and justice for the marginalised in our community as well?
My voice may be little, but my voice added to your voice and the voices of others makes a louder noise. Let’s raise a shout for things that matter, that cannot be ignored. I am Wonder Woman. You are Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman takes responsibility for her own actions.

When faced with opposition from the team she is working with, due to the extreme danger imminent, she states, “What I do is not up to you.” She makes her decisions and she owns her actions, not attributing blame to others. A saying we use in our home for the benefit of our 6 year old is, “You are responsible for your own behaviour.” In saying this, I am reminded that I am responsible for my own behaviour. I can choose to remain calm or I can choose to give in to frustration. I can choose to go along with the crowd or I can choose to step away. I can choose my response to the situations that arise.
I can choose despair or I can choose hope. I can choose selfishness or I can choose kindness. I can choose apathy or I can choose wonder. I am Wonder Woman. You are Wonder Woman.

As Diana says,

“It’s about what you believe. And I believe in love. Only love will truly save the world.”


I am Wonder Woman. You are Wonder Woman.


Jess Denholm
W.A. Conference Convenor


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