Winter play ideas

Winter play ideas

Winter can be a hard season to keep little ones entertained with so many rainy days and indoor time. Here are a few winter play ideas to entertain your toddler.

Cooking together: it may not be for everyone (patience and a tolerance for the mess are certainly required), but most children love helping in the kitchen. Simple recipes, like Lemonade scones, are great because it’s basically just mixing together a few ingredients and playing with dough.

Crafting: keep a container of coloured paper shapes and scraps handy, add a glue stick and it’s a fun pasting activity. Stickers are always a popular addition. And all sorts of things can be made from household recyclables and some masking tape.

Movie day: who doesn’t love to snuggle on the couch on a gloomy cold day? Stay in your pjs, picnic in the lounge room, or enjoy some movie snacks.

Dance party: great for working out some of that built-up energy when you can’t go outside and helps put everyone in a good mood.

Make a blanket fort: grabs sheets, blankets, chairs and pillows to make a snug blanket fort. Great for kids to get cosy and read books, play with a kiddy torch or have a tea party.

Puddle play: rug up and get out in the rain. Most toddlers love to splash in puddles and mud, and the fresh air can do us all good; mind and body. And Then when you get home a nice warm bubble bath is a way to keep the fun going.

Social Groups: MOPS, playgroups, library story-times, kinder gym and similar children’s programs are a good way to get out of the house, enjoy some adult conversation, and have fun activities for your children taken care of.

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