We all need a little encouragement

Is motherhood all you thought it would be? Adverts would have us believe its all snuggling a perfectly sleeping baby, easy nappy changes, and happy parenting moments as they try their first foods or take their first step. We know in reality motherhood is also at times challenging. We all need a little encouragement and camaraderie to help us through from time to time. That’s why there’s MOPS.

Not alone, but lonely

When you’re a mum there’s always something to do. The kids will either want to be fed constantly, or not want to eat at all. The cleaning and tidying go to a new level (you may need to lower your expectations!). You will wonder where all the washing has come from and who has been wearing all the dirty clothes in the basket.

Sometimes, despite spending an entire day with another human glued to your chest, you feel like you’ve been in complete isolation. You haven’t spoken normal adult words, in a normal adult voice, to a normal adult human all day. In fact, you feel you haven’t actually done anything productive all day.

Sometimes, even though he’s sitting just on the other side of the couch, your husband feels a million miles away. Because who has the energy for a coherent conversation after a long day of shushing, bouncing, and rocking a cranky baby, let alone any form of intimacy?

Find your tribe

Motherhood is hard – but it doesn’t have to be lonely. Remember there are so many other mums who are feeling exactly how you’re feeling, and experiencing what you’re experiencing. If you’re reading this, you have more than likely already found MOPS. You have found a tribe of women who ‘get you’ and your season of life right now. You have found a place when you can come as you are with all your feelings of exhaustion and uncertainty. You know how important it is to be kind to yourself and take time to do something for you – even if it’s a marathon to get there!

But do you remember what it was like the first time, or even making the decision to come along? Recently, MOPS Australia conducted a survey of mums from the past 20 years of MOPS. From the results, it seems that for generations, mums have felt nervous, anxious, unsure and overwhelmed to come along for the first time. It’s often hard to step out and try something new, but there is only ever one first time.

Encourage a friend

So, I want to challenge you to consider what this tribe means to you and why. Do you want other mums to know this freedom and encouragement as well? Invite them along. We want mums to know that this journey may have its challenges – but it doesn’t have to be lonely. It’s also rewarding. And fulfilling. And exhilarating, and mind-blowing, and exciting, and about a million other synonyms for “amazing” – especially when we do it together!

Join us for the Every Mum Conference

Every Mum Conference

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You can find out all the details and register here: https://mops.org.au/everymumconference

Natalie Bizzell

Natalie is a wife, mum to 3 grown children (and mother-in-law to 3). She is a part-time primary school teacher, small business owner and Mentor at Humeridge Church of Christ MOPS.

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