Who’s in charge?

family-838239_960_720In every power struggle, there are only three options.  When it comes to parenting, you can let your child win, make sure you win or try to negotiate.

Giving your child the upper hand in a struggle may seem like a quick solution but it just sets you up for greater battles in the future. When kids win one battle they’re confident they can win another one.

Trying to negotiate with them isn’t much better. It may seem like the logical approach — you let your 4-year-old stay up an extra half hour when he whines and complains. The problem is you may have just taught him that whining and complaining will get him exactly what he wants!

The healthy approach is to take decisive control in situations like this. Allowing your child to call the shots doesn’t make them happy or secure. In fact it has the opposite effect. What your child needs to know is that mum and dad love him and that they’re in control.

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