What To Expect At MOPS

When I first heard about MOPS, I didn’t really know what to expect. I knew it was a mothers’ group but apart from that I didn’t really understand what it was until a good friend explained it to me.

She told me that when I first arrive I would book my child into their kids’ program so they could have fun while I got to have a few hours of child free time to connect with other mummies just like me. She also said that we would have an amazing morning tea, and that I would be able to drink my coffee while it was still hot, and eat some yummy treats without having to share! That in itself sounded really amazing!!

I asked my friend what we would do at MOPS, and I found out that each week is different, but that we would have the chance to talk about a variety of parenting topics and also have time to share about our week.

She also said that they do a craft too – just for the mummies. This surprised me, as my friend is the least crafty person I know! But she said it was really fun and usually super easy!

Well, I found all of this out before I had even been to a MOPS morning. I was still a little unsure but was pretty keen to have a break. I was a bit worried about my little girl settling in and me actually being able to get there on time too.

I need not have worried though. On my first day, when I arrived, my friend met me at the door with a big hug and introduced me to another lady who offered to show me where my little girl would be for the morning. As we walked I was able to ask, “what if she is unhappy or needs me?” She was so lovely, and reassured me that the carers would come and get me if they needed to. I was introduced to two lovely carers who helped me to sign my daughter in and get her settled.

My friend then took me back into the Mums’ room. I was surprised and a little embarrassed as they had already started for the morning, but, again, I need not have worried as there was a seat saved for me.

We watched a DVD, which was really funny, and so nice to hear other mums on the DVD share about some of the very things I’d been going through just that week! We then had a chance to talk about the DVD, ask questions and share our thoughts. I was introduced to everyone at my table and made to feel so welcome. I didn’t have to share anything if I didn’t want to but it was lovely to be included in the discussion.

Just as my friend had said, the craft was super easy; I even finished it! Finishing things is not always easy with little helpers around.

I had a great time and couldn’t wait until next fortnight when I would get to go to MOPS again!

Sarah Thomson

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