Whatcha thinkin’?

It has been said that your thoughts stimulate your feelings, which influence your behaviour, and lead to your life experiences.

So, where is your thinking leading you?!

By redirecting our thoughts we can change our lives!

Spend a few moments each day keeping a journal of some of the thoughts that you have on a regular basis. Perhaps choose a subject, eg what you think about yourself.

  • Write down 5 things you think about yourself.
  • Ask yourself, or someone you trust, if they are true.
  • If you discover that you are telling yourself lies about you, be sure to write down what the truth is.
  • Make a pact with yourself that the next time you recognize that you are automatically thinking that thought (lie), that you will stop yourself and replace it with the truth.
  • Practise telling yourself the truth until the truth replaces the lie in your mind.

This year in MOPS our theme has been ‘Free Indeed’. Being Gutsy enough to Take The First Step and Let Love Be The Loudest Voice.

I encourage you to continue this journey. ‘Take the first step’ and take a look at your thoughts. ‘Be gutsy’ in choosing to change them for the better, and in doing so you will most certainly ‘let love be the loudest voice’.

Linda Alfredsson
MOPS Blog Manager

Adapted by an article by Dr Camerin Ross, a clinical psychologist, specialising in body acceptance and eating disorders. camerinross.com

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