Welcome at MOPS

As a new mum there was one phrase that just about made me gag… mothers group… ARGHH!!

I certainly didn’t need to sit around talking nappies and cleaning techniques with women I didn’t know, who had bratty kids running rampant.

BUT… then I found MOPS. If I’m honest, I went along out of obligation the first few times. What I discovered in a short space of time was something really quite fabulous.

MOPS is no ordinary ‘mothers group’ (and the phrase still makes me gag).

Oh my goodness, how good it was to find a safe place to be a mum. Not only were my girls looked after onsite in their own MOPS Kids program, but I had uninterrupted time with other mums whose little ones were a similar age to mine. There were also no grandma type women telling me how to raise my kids when they hadn’t done it in years – but mentors, women a little ahead of me in the mothering journey cheering me on. The group is for mums of preschool age children and younger, and it’s run by other mums of preschool age children. Instant friend circle!

I found it challenging to be a mum in the public arena but MOPS was a place I could work it out. Each MOPS morning featured a speaker designed to invest either practical information or valuable insights for that phase of my life with small children. Time to laugh, be normal, enjoy conversation not interrupted by children, and you’ll never guess… coffee that was hot for the whole cup and morning tea that didn’t have to be kid friendly or shared. Yay!! MOPS knew that behind my mummy status there was a real woman who needed to be heard and valued.

My girls loved the activities of MOPS Kids and I found they learned things from being in that social environment, away from me for just 2 hours, that they couldn’t have learned in isolation at home. Now in grade 11, my girls have even reconnected with friends they had in MOPS Kids.

MOPS is still a wonderful place to be able to breathe and be a woman, not just someone’s mum. Friends you and your children make at MOPS may well last for a lifetime.

Jump on board and you’ll find that you too are Welcome at MOPS!!

 Karen Dickson, Board Chair

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