Unpacking the Fun/Think/Talk/Do cards

So you’ve bought your Group Experience Kit and are busy working together as a team to plan your MOPS year. Here are some tips to get the most out of your Fun/Think/Talk/Do (FTTD) cards…

BeYouBravely_LogoWEBCut each sheet into four separate cards and hand them to the team leader responsible for that section:

Fun – Coordinator.

Think: Mentors.

Talk: Discussion Group Team Leader.

Do: Creative Team Leader.


FunUnpacking Fun:

  1. Will this idea suit my group size?
  2. What equipment do I need?
  3. Do I need to download anything from mops.org/groupexperiencekitonline

Remember that an icebreaker is not just about having fun and helping the mums relax. It is also a great way of getting them to move deeper into relationship. Think about how you can build on the Fun idea to incorporate some “get to know you questions”.



What do you love most about MOPS?

What is your “Be you, Bravely” challenge this year?

Name one thing you don’t feel guilty about as a mum?

If you could have any super power, what would you want and why?


ThinkUnpacking Think:

Each card links to a DVD of the same name.

The DVDs are not in order and you can use any card in any order.

Watch the DVDs and decide which ones you want to use either as a whole or just parts of.

MOPS recommends no more than 2 DVDs a term.


Make sure as a team you know which cards are to be used on a specific morning.



You might not want to use the DVD but would like to explore the theme recommended on the card. Use resources like your state MOPS Facebook page, MOPS Australia Facebook, Regional Coordinator or Church leader for direction towards Christian books that explore that particular theme. Use a chapter or thought from the recommended book and share from your own experiences.


TalkUnpacking Talk:

Review the questions beforehand thinking about the mixture of mums who attend. Will these questions suit:

  1. The single mum and the married mum?
  2. The Christian and the Non Christian?
  3. The mum with many children and the first time mum?
  4. Are there any mums you are aware of who might struggle with the theme or wording of the questions? Have your Table Leaders review the questions early and adjust to suit their group.

DoUnpacking Do:

  1. Visit mops.org/experiencekitonline to review the idea
  2. Practise the idea well in advance. This allows you to problem solve if it doesn’t quite work out.
  3. How can you modify the craft to use materials you already have in your MOPS store cupboard?
  4. Check out online resources for other ways to decorate/complete the same craft. Print off examples for your mums.
  5. Do you need to advertise the craft early and get mums to bring in items ahead of time, eg old keys for Card 4, old T shirts for card 3?
  6. Visit OP shops for cheap resources or approach your Chartering Church for donations, eg old scrabble board games, card 2 (Vintage necklaces).

If you lose cards, or need extras, you can download more from the MOPS Australia website.


However you decide to use these cards, make sure you post about your MOPS morning on your MOPS Facebook page – what worked well? What might you encourage other groups to think about and do differently? Let’s see some photos of your amazing creations!


Above all, pray. Ask God for wisdom as you prepare each morning for your mums and trust Him to guide you. May He abundantly bless you and your mums this year.


Love in Christ,

Naomi Mathiesen

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