The Skill of Reading Aloud

Kids love a great story. But the way you read is just as important as what you read.

Making a story come alive is a skill that anyone can learn.

Begin by seeing yourself as an actor in a play. Learn to slow down or speed up, depending on what’s happening in the story. And don’t be afraid to gesture with your hands.

You might also try changing your voice for different characters. When the bully of the story is speaking, try to read in a sneaky voice; for the hero use a strong, steady voice. And practice your falsetto skills when playing the fair maiden. Kids love it when you really get into the characters. Sometimes mix the voices up to get a laugh.

Before reading a critical plot twist, stop and ask them, “What do you think is going to happen?” Then see if they can figure it out. Make story time fun and you’ll be instilling in your kids a lifelong love for reading.


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