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From Kylie Walls_BannerThis week we interview two mothers who attend a MOPS group in Canberra. Ruth is a mother of three and has been coming to MOPS for a few years. Brooke is a mother of one and another-on-the-way, and has also been coming three years.

What do you look forward to most about MOPS each fortnight?

Ruth: Number one would be child-free time. Other things are the thoughtfulness that goes into the whole package: the food, the coffee, the tables are set up nicely, the craft is all laid out, and the talk given by the group’s mentor. And the kids love it. If my kids hated it, I wouldn’t come. But they’ve got consistently loving, attentive carers, they’ve got a program laid out and the kids are keen to come. It’s a big draw-card.

MOPS Morning 1_sml
Spending time with other mums in a relaxed environment. Having time to do a creative activity – I have no time at home to do the embroidery that I loved before, but I get a chance to make something each MOPS. And I love the thought-provoking discussions.

What would be your favourite MOPS morning so far this year?

Ruth: High tea. It was my first morning back after having a new baby and I just felt so spoilt!

Brooke: Badra’s Cooking Show – the amazing Lebanese feast! I really appreciated the effort it took to prepare, how she explained the traditions behind the different foods, showed us how to make it and we all ate so much! It made such a friendly, relaxed environment, just sitting around with other mums enjoying freshly prepared food.

What brought you to MOPS in the first place?IMG_3420 MOPPETS_sml

Ruth: A friend who told me it was a great group for mums, the kids get cared for, and it’s fun.

Brooke: I was invited through church. I’d just had my first baby and needed some activities for myself, I wanted my son to socialise, and I wanted advice and assistance with learning the ropes of motherhood.

What would you say to someone considering coming to MOPS?

Ruth: Come and be looked after.

Brooke: If you’re looking for a lovely activity that the children also enjoy, if you need a relaxing time with other people, come to MOPS. You’ll meet other mums, you’ll get parenting support, it’s a laid-back, non-threatening group.

Thanks, Brooke and Ruth!

You can tell how much food plays a part at our local MOPS… High tea involved gourmet tea, scones, jam, cream and a host of other elegant finger-foods with pretty tablecloths and serviettes, vintage china and tiered cake stands, all brought by the MOPS organisers. Badra’s Cooking Show is one of our annual highlights – after which no one needs lunch. Each week we hold a different special event and invite speakers on a range of topics relevant to motherhood. And everyone goes home with something they have made at MOPS.

Elissa Moss
Tuggeranong MOPS


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