The MOPS Method

There’s an article in Tend the Flame: A Mentor’s Guide that is way too good for Mentors to keep all to themselves! So I’ve shared it below for all MOPS leaders. It’s an affirmation of the MOPS ‘method’ written by Tracey Solomon who is a Board Member for MOPS International and a Mentor in her local MOPS group.

The MOPS Method

I love seeing women meet Jesus. There is something holy about praying with someone as they move closer to Christ. When I started mentoring at my local MOPS group, I thought that’s what it was all about. Then I learned that MOPS was different.

At the start I wrestled with a lot of questions about MOPS:

  • Is building a relationship enough? Can’t women make friends anywhere?
  • How does this forward the gospel? What about teaching and preaching?
  • Can women meet and grow in Christ here?
  • Are we doing enough? Time is short! Mums need Jesus, now!

Fortunately, I decided to set those questions aside and follow the MOPS method to see what would happen. Twenty-eight years later, I’m amazed at what God keeps doing through MOPS.

I’m not sure why I struggled so much, especially since I came to Christ through a relationship. (It just happened to be with a boy.) I noticed something different about him. I asked questions. He listened. When he had answers, he shared them. When he didn’t, we sought them out together and talked about how we felt when things didn’t make sense. Eventually, at a simple children’s Christmas pageant, something in me opened up to Jesus.

I came to Christ through a relationship. I didn’t see it at first but God works through MOPS the same way he worked through that boy (the one who became my husband a few years later).

As a Mentor, I focus on building relationships. I listen to questions and voice my own. I pray with mums. I notice Jesus at work in them and tell them what I see. I give answers when I have them. I share Scriptures that give me hope and challenge me. I comfort others with the comfort I’ve been given. I share my experiences so others feel less alone. Sometimes, I even have the honour of praying with a mum to accept Christ.

Interestingly, mums who may never go to church show up at MOPS. It is a safe place for mums to find other mums who are sharing in the sometimes overwhelming responsibility and tasks of motherhood. MOPS is an outreach ministry that makes a difference in its own unique way. I don’t wrestle over the “how” of MOPS anymore. I spend that time wrestling in prayer for the mums in MOPS.

MOPS doesn’t need to be a Bible study or a church service. MOPS just needs to be MOPS, and it’s pretty good at that. I don’t need to be the pastor of our group. I just need to be the Mentor and I think I’m getting pretty good at that.

Our God is a relational God. Bravely ask Him to work powerfully in the relationships that are being formed in MOPS groups around Australia and in your own life.

Lexia Smallwood
Managing Director

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