The Message in the Mundane

When do you feel truly alive? What are those occasions when you feel like you are doing exactly what you were created to do?

I love those moments! For me I feel like that when I’m on my way to run a training event that I’ve spent weeks organising and it’s now right before me. Or when I’m strategising and planning – by myself or with others. When a plan comes together.

There are moments of mothering that feel like that. But the reality is there weren’t as many as I anticipated pre-kids.

Uh huh… I thought mothering would be one long journey of glorious fulfilment.


Much of mothering, particularly in the preschool years, is filled with the mundane.

Feeding. Cooking. Washing. Cleaning. Washing. Dusting. Refereeing. Toilet training. Yet more washing (it’s never ending, isn’t it? )

And don’t get me started on the exhaustion….

Yet there is a beautiful message in the mundane, every-day stuff of mothering. Let’s take a moment to notice goodness in some unlikely places:

In the washing pile….

In the baked beans on toast…..

In the toilet training…..

In every fight you referee…

Precious Mama, when you do these every day not-so- glorious tasks you are sending beautiful messages to your children.

You are teaching them about unconditional love. You are showing them what faithfulness is. Youimages (6) are demonstrating mercy and grace. You are letting them see that relationships are good. You are showing them that their needs can be met, that they have worth.

These are beautiful life lessons. Your very presence on the good days and the hard days, when you are loving it and when you’d rather run away, are affirming their value as individuals.

And even when you mess it up (and let’s face it, we all do!), you are teaching them how do deal with failure (because they’re not perfect either!). You are showing them how to say sorry, to start again to keep going.

download (13)Take heart next time the washing mountain on the couch is threatening to erupt on to the floor, when you’re trying to gather your courage to tackle last night’s dishes or when your best offering is baked beans on toast. Celebrate the message in the mundane!


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