The goodness in your phone

download-23Do you have ‘placenta brain’?

Or is it just a sad reflection on us as a society that we forget the good stuff that’s happened to us barely 5 mins after it’s done.

As a mum I have caught  myself spending time ‘navel gazing’,  going over those same silly doubts… I hope I’m enough.. I hope my kids have enough fun.. learn enough new things… enjoy life enough.. and on it goes. It’s a mummy guilt thing I think. You don’t even have to put your feet to the floor in the morning and the mummy guilt is already making its presence felt. OH PLEASE –  ENOUGH!! (and I give myself a little personal slap)

I stumbled across the simplest and most accessible treatment for this lady-camera-photophenomena of forgetfulness of goodness leading to guilt and doubt, and it’s on my phone!

When was the last time you flicked through the photos on your phone or camera, not just to look for something to show someone, but to LOOK and SEE what your life has looked like in the recent past? Instead of flicking to Facebook , flick to your photos and deliberately go back 12 months and then come forward.

Oh My Goodness… there is SO much goodness there.

Family MOTMRight there in your hand is evidence of some fabulous moments, funny moments, moments you wanted to savour at the time, but then in the busyness and mundane routines of life, you forgot them. Choose to actually remember the moment, the effort that went into that birthday cake and the joy on the face of the one cutting it. What about that crazy hairdo your little one 109320999_8b61257d14did for daddy. That coffee with a friend that was out of the ordinary spontaneous, only coffee but gosh it was good. Is there someone there who did something special for you? Did you say thank you? Send a note or a message right now!

images (30)Where our memories fail or are crowded with the everyday, our photos come to the rescue to remind us of the good stuff we have and the great stuff we’ve enjoyed.

You have my permission to smile and feel satisfied when you relive great mummy moments, special friend moments and beautiful family moments amidst your

Tackle those mummy doubts head on with the digital evidence of the great stuff in your life. You will be amazed at how many wonderful things are right under your nose that you forgot to notice were wonderful and worth being grateful for.

karen-dickson-2016-croppedKaren Dickson
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