The comfort of home

The Comfort of home

Despite the eye rolls from my husband, it’s important that my home is a comfortable place where we can relax, refresh and connect with family and friends. I can wear my stretchy pants, fluffy socks and have ‘I don’t care’ hair. As Jane Austen writes in her book Emma, “Ah! There’s nothing like staying home for real comfort.” For me, comfort in the home means cushions! 

“The ultimate luxury is being able to relax and enjoy your home” – Jeff Lincoln, Good Housekeeping

Cushion Comfort

Cushions are my definition of comfort. They form the mood and accent of a room. Of course, it depends on the time of year as to what cushions I choose. Winter demands luxurious fur, tassels and fringing, muted tones which evoke warmth and textures for a point of difference. Add a sumptuous throw rug or three for those long, gloomy weekends of Netflix and hot chocolate, and everyone is cosy.

Summer requires fresh fabrics and light textures to reflect the light and bright nature which surrounds our home. The cool tones of carefully selected cushions keep us calm and motivated on those hot summer days when the air conditioner is pumping. 

Then there’s cushions for Christmas, quirky moods, bedrooms, outdoors, kitchen chairs, replacement of worn out and tired cushions…it just goes on. Oh the elation of a new season’s design, and the mid-year sales! 

Making a house a comfortable home

Coco Chanel understood the housemaker when she said that “an interior is the natural projection of the soul”. Since the early cavewoman throwing a freshly scalped fur in front of the fire, women have had the instinctive yearning to create a space of comfort for her family. Few things are more personal than the four walls in which we live. It gives the homemaker the opportunity to show pride in her surroundings, to be welcoming and to reflect her personality. Seriously, if we weren’t meant to create spaces of comfort, why is there such a broad and extensive collection available at so many stores?!! And with the numerous social media aides we are more inspired for ideas than ever before. 

Mother knows best

In all my home comfort making efforts, the men in my life don’t seem to share my enthusiasm. 

“Another new cushion?” 

“Didn’t you get some last year?” 

“How many cushions do you need on a bed?” 

They think a lounge is for sitting on, and a bed is for sleeping on. Ironically, when I’m done with the dishes, I find them comfortably positioned with cushions strategically placed for maximum comfort for long haul TV viewing. 

So, despite our differing views of home couture, I DO know better and will continue my affair with cushions. After all, a comfortable home is in the best interests of those I love.  

Now…about that old rug.

Natalie Bizzell

Natalie Bizzell

Natalie is a wife, Mum to 3 grown children (and mother-in-law to 3), a part time primary school teacher, small business owner and Mentor at Humeridge Church of Christ Mops.

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