The Bad Listeners Guide for Anyone (willing to listen)

Tired of listening? Just don’t care anymore?

I’ve got just the list for you!  Follow this and we’ll have you not listening in no time! Here we go.

  1. When someone is speaking to you, be sure to look around the room and fidget – a LOT. Do not provide verbal or non-verbal awareness of the other person; this could be harmful to your goal.
  2. Change the subject from time to time and discount the other person’s feelings while you are at it. You can never have enough of this!
  3. Ensure that you make assumptions about what the speaker is saying, thinking and feeling. Don’t try to picture what the speaker is saying. For the sake of your goal, it is best if you have no idea.
  4. Interrogate or challenge the speaker. Preach and teach wherever possible – and always use words when doing so.
  5. While the speaker is talking, be sure to be rehearsing what you will say next in your head. This is a more efficient use of the time and you will reach your goal sooner!
  6. And finally, don’t leave too much space for silence in the conversation. Keep it moving at the speed that suits you. Remember the aim is for you not to have to listen.

That’s it folks; you are well on your way to being a champion bad listener!

P.S. Obviously I’m having a bit of fun here, so now let’s get serious!

If you want to become a better listener, be sure to do the opposite of the advice given here ?.

We all need and appreciate good listeners in our lives…let’s be those good listeners for others.

All the best.

Linda Alfredsson
MOPS Blog Manager

p.p.s. what was that you said?

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