Farewell 2019! Welcome 2020!

I don’t know about all of you but 2019 was certainly a big year for me! As a rather emotional being, I always get a little sad when a year comes to an end. BUT there is always much to look forward to in the year to come. Including the MOPS theme for 2020 “To The Full”!

This past year on the MOPS blog we have explored the theme “Find Your Fire”. We have been inspired to Live Expectantly, Surrender Daringly and Breathe Freely. These topics have been great reminders to find renewed hope, to let things go and let ourselves off the hook! And to be loved…to stop striving and realise we are amazing just as we are. It has been a fantastic year and I hope that you have all had moments amongst the busyness of life where you’ve found encouragement in something you’ve read on the blog.

The coming year’s theme “To The Full” is amazing and encompasses the following topics:

HAVE MORE FUN: Fun is often the first thing to go when life gets hectic because it seems frivolous and extravagant. Next year we are going to remember that we can still have fun even when life is hard. We are going to let the laundry wait and build a fort with our kids. We’ll stop waiting until everything on our to-do list is finished until we have fun and do one thing a month just because it makes us happy. It will be our year to remember what it feels like to enjoy ourselves.

FEAR LESS: No more fearing what people might think or say. No more letting fear paralyse us or concerns about the future rob us of the present. At any given moment, there is courage inside of each of us that may be lying dormant. Next year we’ll bring it to life. We’ll change our ways of thinking, calm our anxiety, and surrender our need to control. It will be the year of faith over fear and abundance over scarcity.

FIND OUR PEOPLE: This coming year we’ll meet our neighbours, learn the name of the cashier at the grocery store, and invite our MOPS table over for dinner. We need our people and they need us. Maybe it means asking someone we respect to be our mentor, or perhaps it means marching in a parade, throwing candy or inviting other mums to MOPS. Finding our people takes some vulnerability but it will also mean being known, belonging, and helping others feel the same. Life to the full happens best with people by our side.

The blog will return in February 2020 where we will begin to unpack this new theme and discover practical ways to live our lives “To The Full”.

Thank you to our incredible blog contributors and all our readers!

On behalf of everyone at MOPS Australia, I wish you and your family a wonderfully joyful Christmas and a brilliant start to the New Year.

Many blessings!

Paula Miller
MOPS Blog Administrator

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