Telling yourself the truth

“Mum, she said I’m ugly.” “Well is that the truth?” “No!” “Then push it away and don’t listen to it”

My kids often come to me to let me know that one of their siblings has said something mean. And while I will certainly deal with the offender, my first response is always “Well, is it the truth?” The answer is usually no. And my response is this: don’t listen to it.

But how often do we as women, and mothers, listen to the untruths? Whether it is something negative someone says to us, or something we say to ourselves. Because the truth is, we are often our harshest critics. In this mothering journey, and in life, we will have both truths and untruths thrown at us … from ourselves, other people, the media.

It’s time for us to start pushing away the untruths, to stop listening and, instead, to embrace what we know to be true. When a friend compliments you, soak it in. When you look in the mirror and feel beautiful, accept it and enjoy it. When you know that you are doing your absolute best as a mum, and then you make a mistake, forgive yourself, love yourself, and remember that you are incredible and all any of us can do is our best.

And that’s the truth.


Catherine Begley
MOPS Field Leader

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