Take time to celebrate

happy-mother-and-childIt can be hard to find time to celebrate, especially if you have little kids. It can seem like a waste of time and energy, but it is actually an investment. In life. And in relationships.

Celebrations help our children learn that life is rich, meaningful and beautiful and they are
a great excuse to bring people together in friendship and community… and to have fun for its own sake.

Did you know adults laugh on average 15 times a day. Kids laugh 300-500 times a day. Laughter is good for you – so get in touch with your inner child! If you can build some laughter into your celebration you will be doing everyone a favour.

When planning a celebration ask others to contribute in some way, eg by bringing food or drink, flowers for decoration, taking care of the music or entertainment, or by preparing a message. It will mean less work for you – and they will enjoy the celebration more if they have been involved.

download (13)This includes children as well. Children love to anticipate a celebration and like to be part of the preparation. Children can contribute with ideas and help with simple tasks. It is an opportunity to share our values with our children, modelling to them how to show appreciation, to be thoughtful, to be creative and to serve others.

Celebrations are usually a time to acknowledge a milestone, an anniversary, an achievement, something good that has happened or a special person. They are an occasion for expressing gratitude. Being grateful is good for your emotional health – so why not be grateful in style with a celebration!?

images (30)Celebrations are a good occasion to acknowledge the worth of people – especially if the occasion has a guest of honour. Invite your guests to say what is special about each other. Your words can build up or tear down – so be intentional about what you say. And genuine. Mother Teresa said: “They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel.”

Lexia Smallwood
Managing Director

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