Easter – Full of God’s Love

Many years ago, when I was working on an Easter talk early one morning, my son woke up and came down to see me.  He was obviously reading some of my talk and asking me about it. I must have written something about the hollow Easter eggs being just like Jesus’ empty tomb. He said he liked the ‘hollow eggs that were full of God’s love!’.

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What do eggs have to do with Easter?

We often joke in my household that is 80% female “step away from the chocolate, and no one will get hurt”. When it comes to chocolate I’m a big fan. Here we are about to celebrate Easter again, and there is chocolate aplenty in every supermarket. But do you find yourself wondering how to explain to your little ones (or even to yourself), what do eggs have to do with Easter? How do chocolate eggs and the death of Jesus both manage to find a place in the celebration of Easter?