star-gazing2When was the last time you went star gazing?

We used to go to a place called Swimcart Beach on Tasmania’s pristine East coast. It was perfect for stargazing because it was removed from the light pollution we get from being near a population centre. We would lie on a blanket, (this is Tassie so we had a good few layers of clothing on, including a beanie, and a fire as well) and just gaze upwards.

When I looked up into the night sky, all I could see in my field of view was stars. Innumerably, immeasurably, incomprehensibly vast numbers of stars. It’s the most amazing sensation. I couldn’t open my eyes wide enough to take it all in. It was magnificent almost defying description. On occasion a shooting star would catch my attention albeit fleetingly. A satellite would move slowly but purposefully on its allotted path. But all the while it was stars, stars, stars. I could stargaze for hours, and when the fire burned low, I’d reluctantly head home.

What does stargazing do for me? What can it do for you?star-gazing5

When I lie on my back under a black and starry night sky, I get an incredible sense of how small I am. In this expanding universe I am so small, a tiny figure. I could easily be overwhelmed and wonder if I had any significance at all. Would the world even notice if I wasn’t here? The stars are so many, but what am I?

But instead of insignificance I get a wonderful sense of how ordered the universe is, and how privileged I am to be a part of it. There is precision and beauty in what I see, each star has its place and serves its purpose. Mariners of old used the stars to navigate the seas. The stars were dependably in the right place all the time.

star-gazing4When my life circumstances threaten to overwhelm me, I gaze up into the heavens and get a new perspective. There’s no point my calling on the stars themselves for wisdom. They are just stars. So I look past the stars, deep into the heavens to the One who is faceless and timeless, to the One who placed each star in the silky darkness.

Stargazing reminds me that as each star has a place and a purpose, so do I. My troubles might loom large in my small world, but in the expanse that is the universe, they begin to take on less monstrous proportions.

The heavens reveal a design so intricate and perfect it can’t be ignored. There is One who is greater than all I see, and yet He knows my name.

Do you need a fresh perspective, to be reminded that there is One greater than all you see and know? Try a little stargazing.

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