Small acts of love and kindness

Small acts of love and kindness

Often when we think of making a difference, we think it needs to be something BIG to leave an impact, and must take lots of time and effort. While this is sometimes true, it is also the case that even small acts of love and kindness can make a huge difference in someone’s day, and help to leave a legacy of love wherever we go.

Kindness can have a lasting impact

When my little sister was about 4, we were walking across the road with our mum to the butcher. My sister fell on the road, scraping her knee. Understandably, she cried, Mum hugged her, and then we carried on to the shop, tears still wet on her face. Mr Pickles was our local butcher, and I can still remember the smell of his shop and the sawdust on the floor. But what I remember most is the small kindness he did for my sister that day. He had seen her fall and genuinely asked if she was okay. He asked if she’d like a Band-Aid, before disappearing out the back to retrieve one for her. I remember us walking back to the car afterwards, discussing how nice that was. And 30-something years later I still remember it. His simple, unexpected kindness stuck with me.

Good in the hard days

While the COVID-19 pandemic brought out the worst in some people, it also brought out the best in so many. Neighbours delivering groceries for the elderly or infirmed. Letters and care packages were sent around the nation to loved ones. Posies of flowers were given and garden produce was shared on the footpaths with strangers. (Not to mention all the essential workers getting out there every day to keep things running!). These acts of kindness shone light and love into difficult days for many people and brought hope that not all is bad in the world.

Love AND kindness

There are so many calendars and idea lists dedicated to getting you to do acts of kindness daily, that it can feel overwhelming, or just like another “to do” for your list.

1 Corinthians 13:1-3 speaks of the importance of love in all that we do. Acts of kindness don’t have to be large or difficult, but to make an impact they do need to be based on love. Maybe you simply ask your elderly neighbour if they need anything at the shop, or bring their bin back in for them. Maybe you share a word of encouragement with a cashier having a rough or busy day. In these simple ways, you show your love, care and concern for others.

And when you start to think about it, perhaps like me, you will notice more and more the small acts of love and kindness people are doing for each other, every day. It’s a wonderful thing to see an act of kindness in progress. It makes me grateful on the hard days and reminds me God is good.

Kelly McCrohan, MOPS Blog Administrator

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