School holiday fun at home

School holiday fun at home

The weather is warming up, and many of us have kids on school holidays at the moment. But with many of the normal ‘go-to’ school holiday activities not running depending on where you live; what else can we do to have some school holiday fun at home?

Here are a few ideas from previous MOPS blog posts, as well as some I love from other sites.


Just because the movie theatres may be closed for many of us, doesn’t mean we can’t have our movie night (or day).  These days you can rent new release movies right off the internet in no time at all. Add some fun by making the room cosy with pillows, beanbags and blankets to lie upon. Serve snacks like popcorn or lollies in individual paper cups. You could even have the kids present “tickets” for entry to your movie theatre.

Family games nights

Whether it’s a few hands of “go fish”, playing charades or a game of Pictionary, our kids seem to love it. Younger kids might need some help from a parent, but still enjoy being part of the fun. Games like charades can easily be played via zoom or facetime too, as a way of spending time with loved ones we can’t see in person right now.


What kid doesn’t love a blanket fort?! This idea for a clothes line cubby from Be a Fun Mum is next level.


All the rage as far as my kids are concerned (I’m not so keen!). Oobleck is a ‘little kid’ version you can make at home with cornflour. It’s a weird phenomenon as it’s both liquid and solid, and is a fun sensory play idea. It’s messy fun that keeps them amused for ages.

Other fun ideas

There is always plenty of fun to be had in backyard adventures too as Paula has shared previously on the blog, along with some helpful tips on enjoying the school holidays with our kids.

If you don’t have a backyard, indoor obstacle courses or challenges can be a good way to entertain kids and use up some of their energy. You could also use masking tape to make indoor hopscotch or a mini car track for matchbox cars.

So go and have some fun. The washing will wait. What are you doing these school holidays?

Kelly McCrohan
MOPS Blog Administrator

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