Saying “Yes”

Tired of always saying “no” to your kids? Why not look for ways to say “yes”?

Our kids don’t always behave the way we’d like them to, and that can easily lead to a lot of frustration. It’s our job to teach them how to obey, so we end up saying “no” a lot more than we want to. But sometimes the best way to get our kids to cooperate is to start focusing on the positive.

Praise-wordsStart by looking for things they do right. Watch for those times where they behave appropriately and then give them lots of praise. For example, you might say something like, “I’m so proud of you for playing nicely with your sister.” By doing this, you’re actively reinforcing positive behaviour instead of dwelling on the negative.

It’s also a good idea to overlook minor infractions whenever possible. Sometimes simply ignoring a certain behaviour can make it go away. Learn to choose your battles wisely and try to say “yes” a lot more than you say “no.” You’ll be amazed by what it does for your child’s attitude — not to mention yours.

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