Roll out the red carpet.. it’s award season!!

What a delight and a privilege it has been for the MOPS Board to receive nominations for MOPS Awards from MOPS leaders around the country recognising the significant contribution of their fellow leaders. The Board considered each nomination and were again impressed with the dedication and commitment of so many wonderful leaders in our MOPS community.

Heart of MOPS Award: presented annually to a person who has demonstrated unusual commitment to the mission of MOPS Australia at a state or national level.

Bruce Thomson from NSW received the Heart of MOPS. Bruce (as his name implies, is a bloke) who does not benefit from the ministry of MOPS himself but has served on the Board for seven years, six of which he has been an excellent Treasurer, has served on subcommittees and revamped the website. He and his wife Heather (a long serving MOPPETS carer) are committed to MOPS and its purpose.

Spirit of MOPS Award: recognises a chartering ministry, church, MOPS group or supportive business/organisation that is implementing the vision of MOPS in the local community or further afield.

Life Christian Church Ulverstone, Tasmania received the Award in recognition of their promotion of and commitment to MOPS. As a church they have released a number of leaders into higher levels of MOPS leadership, they provide media services to the organisation and encourage not only their own group but the planting of other groups from their own.

Hands of MOPS Award: honours individual MOPS leaders who have made significant contributions to MOPS at a local and/or regional area over an extended period.

QLD: Vanessa Ralph has been involved with MOPS since 2006 holding multiple roles within the Townsville group and later as a Region Leader. Vanessa’s many years with MOPS flows from her servant heart of caring for others. Nothing is too much trouble for her; she is always the first to offer help and always gives 110% effort to any undertaking.

NSW: Karen Davies has served in a number of roles in the Camden group. She both served and led a large team of women with dedication, commitment, passion and love. She stepped out of her comfort zone providing leadership to her local group and, as a Region Leader, faithfully supported groups in her region of NSW while concurrently serving as Conference Coordinator.

NSW:  Lis Irvine has been a Coordinator for 7 years. Under her leadership her team have persevered despite challenges such as venue and small numbers. Lis has been faithful in her commitment to MOPS and what it provides for mothers in this stage of life.

VIC: Jenny Fulcher has been involved in MOPS since 2009 in a number of roles, each with enthusiasm even if they were outside her comfort zone. She connects with mums past and present and promotes MOPS to her local community.

TAS: Megan Burton, involved in MOPS since 2012, has held a number of leadership roles within her local group as well as coordinator of the very successful fundraising Mummy-Made-It Markets. She has been involved with MOPS promotion via newspaper/FB/flyers/markets, has spoken at groups and been Conference Coordinator for Tas.

SA: Linda Alfredsson is a MOPS veteran having been involved with MOPS in NT and now SA. She has held a number of leadership roles including Mentor. More recently Linda has served her region, supporting groups, speaking at groups and also speaking at the WA Better Mums Conference. She writes for and moderates the MOPS Australia Blogs and is a passionate promoter of  MOPS.

SA: Margaret Mount has been a Mentor at Elizabeth for 6 years and she has a true servant heart. Margaret quietly goes above and beyond in all that she does to not only serve our MOPS ministry but in all areas of her life.

WA: Martha Simpson has been a Mentor for 10 years faithfully serving her group and supporting its mums. For the past 3-4 years Martha has served as Region Leader enthusiastically promoting MOPS and supporting the groups in her care. She brings a passion for Jesus and her local community to her MOPS role.

WA:  Melissa Cameron is a MOPS powerhouse launching MOPS in Moora in 2008 to serve her community, and holding a number of leadership positions. Melissa is passionate, energetic and committed to seeing MOPS thrive and the women who are part of MOPS blessed by the gospel.

MOPPETS Carer 10 Year Service Award: recognises MOPPETS Carers who have served their group in the area of MOPPETS for 10 years or longer. This year Awards have been given with great appreciation to these long serving MOPPETS Carers:

NSW – Jenny Evans, Leonie Robson
TAS – Carolyn Hill
SA – Vernalyn Coogan, Esma Heintze, Robyn Robinson
VIC – Max Sargent, Gloria Vandergeer, Irene Ivory, Tresa Gillam
QLD – Jeanette Hawes, Adele Large
WA – Deilia Riley, Tracey McCartney
ACT – Heather Thomson

The Board of MOPS Australia honours each of you, and takes great pleasure in recognising your commitment to the ministry of MOPS and the women and children in your sphere of influence. Thank you for all that you have contributed. May you be richly blessed as you continue to bless others.

Karen Dickson
Board Chair

One thought on “Roll out the red carpet.. it’s award season!!”

  1. Congratulations to all those who have been recognised for their hard work and commitment to MOPS and their families. Your work has been honoured and recognised in our community for the difference you make to so many young families. Keep supporting our beautiful Mums.
    I wish you were available when I was a young mum!
    Thank you

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