Rainy day holiday fun

SCHOOL HOLIDAYS!! Woo! The thought of having your kids home full-time for a few weeks may excite you! Or it may have you screaming internally. Regardless of how you feel, or where you are in our country, it is good to have a game plan for tackling these winter school holidays. I hope these ideas help create some rainy day holiday fun for you all!

Build a fort

You can’t really beat some fort fun! Blankets, boxes, under a table…throw in some pillows, books and fairy lights/battery-powered tea lights and the kids will be set for a while. My boys put their tea lights in a circle and pretend it’s a campfire as they eat snacks and read books in their fort.

Treasure hunt

Grab some teddies or toys and hide them all over the house! Treasure hunts are such fun for kids. Tell them how many teddies are hiding and arm each child with a bag to collect them along the way. My kids love it when I hide little toys at night while they’re sleeping and they wake in the morning to a little treasure hunt!

Paper planes

You’d be surprised how much time can be spent making paper planes. There are many great tutorials online for creating different kinds of planes. It is an ongoing competition in our house to see who makes the best planes. Prepare for some serious flight races.

Family movie day

On a particularly rainy day, set up your lounge room as a home cinema! Pick some favourite movies, whip the popcorn out and enjoy some snuggles on the couch together.

Rainy day box

Put together a “rainy day box” filled with craft supplies for those indoor days. Include a big roll of craft paper to roll out for your kiddos to create on. Crayons, textas, stamps, old magazines to cut out and board games are just a few things to pop inside.

Indoor obstacle course

Set up an indoor obstacle course! Use pillows to step on (to avoid the “lava” or “crocodiles” of course!), boxes to crawl through or climb over and create a fun challenge for your little ones.

Bake up a storm

My kids LOVE to help in the kitchen. Even something as simple as making pancakes together can be a fun bonding experience. They love taking turns measuring, pouring and mixing. And then eating your home-baked goods just tops off the fun!

Outdoor adventure

If all else fails rug up and head outside! Put boots and raincoats on everyone and go splash in some puddles. Let the kids get some of that pent-up energy out!

I hope you can make the most of rainy days with your loved ones for some winter holiday fun!

Paula Miller
MOPS Blog Administrator


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