Of Kangaroos and Leadership

I had a moment of joy in an emotional day today – seeing about thirty kangaroos out nibbling the grass just after a midday drizzle. The grass was bright and lush and they were enjoying it. It is an unusual sight in that little bush area in the middle of the day; they normally come out late afternoon.

More on kangaroos later, but for now I have something important to say.

You are a leader.

You are not simply a volunteer for a task (any courageous person can do parent help at school!) You are a leader of women in the community in which you engage. You are a leader of the children in your family. You are a leader because you are Christ’s ambassador.

MOPS is a ministry of your church. It is women’s ministry. It is family ministry. It is a connection point for women and families to the gospel of God’s love, where they might never hear it, other than around a table with you.

I am a leader. I am often scared. I often fail. I often fail spectacularly –with witnesses! But how I react and respond in those times is a witness of my leadership. In my own strength I can do very little. As I rely more on God, and set aside time to grow in closeness with God, and also increase my knowledge in practical areas, I become more effective as a leader.

I feel the weight of this leadership responsibility. I need to love well. I need to physically learn new skills, in order to be able lead appropriately and with discernment in this messed up world in which we live. Because of this, I take every opportunity possible to be in spaces to develop. It costs me. It costs me in actual time, money and in time away from my children. But I don’t regret any of it. As I hear from God, I am renewed in my spirit and I always come away having learned something that I can apply as a mother and a leader. I place value upon myself and my leadership.

The mission of MOPS is to encourage and equip mums of young children to realise their potential as mothers, women and leaders, in relationship with Jesus, and in partnership with the local church. Conference is part of that equipping of leaders. We get that some situations arising in MOPS are worlds away from your own experience, and as state and national leadership teams, we want to equip you to manage those well, to ride the wave and not get dumped.

This year at conference, we are focusing on how to make MOPS more accessible to mums and churches, and how to focus more on the ‘why’ of MOPS rather than a tasklist. Conference will launch a new Leader Handbook and other resources to support your group.

MOPS Leadership Conference is a moment of joy, to celebrate the positive impact we have been making in our communities around the state. It is a moment to gather and feed together, to walk into the fresh rain of the Holy Spirit’s anointing, to savour some lush time with God and lean into his heart.

We really hope that you can make attending conference a priority this year.

Jessica Denholm
WA Conference Coordinator


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