Mother’s Day


Ok, so I think we both know that Mother’s Day, is gonna bring allll the feels.

Whether its the grief of much-loved children and Mothers lost to the grave, the despair of the dream of motherhood being crushed with just one sentence from a Specialist, perhaps heartache from the adult-child whose Mothers’ ‘best efforts’ were more damaging than good…

or the sadness of the Mother who isn’t honoured in any way by her Husband or children on a day when Mothers are being honoured and she is, once again, not.

This much is true: Life isn’t fair. Life isn’t perfect. People die. We grieve because we loved. People let each other down. Relationships are complex because they involve two or more imperfect humans. I could go on.

But that’s only part of the truth.
It is also as equally true that in EVERY situation there is good to be found.


….and what you focus on, is what gets YOU.
So lets keep ourselves healthy by paying close attention to what IS working, and focussing on all that is going well.

mom-bubbles-120112Let’s honour the Mothers of the world for the special role they play. Lets remember the ones we have lost, and acknowledge the precious ones with the empty arms. That’s healthy, acknowledging real life with its love and loss.

But mostly let’s love others, and ourselves, by noticing and lavishly celebrating the good in life.

Here’s wishing you good things, and enough of everything you need – Mother’s Day 2016.


Linda Alfredsson
Blog Administrator
MOPS Australia

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