Mothers’ Day

Mothers' Day

It’s no secret that at MOPS we love mums! This Mothers’ Day let’s celebrate the awesome mums and mother figures in your circle.

Call out the awesome ones

Let’s be honest- sometimes the work of motherhood can leave you feeling underappreciated. Bone tired, you cook dinner for your kids, only to hear complaints about veggies. You ‘cut the sandwich wrong’, you wiped the toddler’s snotty nose, or you didn’t have their favourite dress washed. Some days it can feel like a battle at every turn. Mothers’ Day is a great excuse to tell the women in our circle that they are indeed seen, appreciated and doing a great job.

But we don’t need a special day as an excuse though. We can create a culture of encouraging one another every day. We can celebrate the awesome aunties, the mum friend that needs reminding how amazing she is, the grandmother who makes our kids feel special and loved, or the best friend whose support helps us be a better mum.

Be sensitive

Mothers’ Day can bring mixed emotions for many though. For some, it’s perhaps a day that highlights their feelings of underappreciation. For others it brings grief. Some miss their own mother, regret they never got to be a mother, or grieve the loss of a child. For some, Mother’s Day reminds them they did not have the mother they needed. Check in with the friend who may find Mothers’ Day difficult.

Keep it Simple

While advertisers tell us Mothers’ Day is a time for expensive activewear, kitchen gadgets, pink fluffy loungewear and flowers, there are many inexpensive ways to show a fellow mum you care:

  • watch her baby or toddler so she can grocery shop, nap, clean, get a haircut, have a massage or whatever, uninterrupted.
  • Make a meal or give a takeaway voucher. At the end of a long day of parenting, not having to cook is bliss.
  • Send an encouraging card, note or text
  • Just listen
  • Give a hug, if that’s her love language
  • Put together an array of her favourite snacks, tea/coffee or treats.
  • Include her in conversations, invite her to mothers’ groups like MOPS and include her in your local community activities. You never know who is feeling on the outer, alone or in need of some encouragement and adult conversation!

MOPS is all about mums, community, friendship and supporting each other. Mothers’ Day is the perfect reminder for us to put it into practice regularly. Happy Mothers’ Day.

Kelly McCrohan, MOPS Blog Administrator

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