Motherhood – What’s the big deal?

Motherhood – What’s the big deal? I work full-time and I help out around the house. All the mother of my children does is… everything else.

From the time our first child was born, I was the one stuck at work furthering my career while my wife ‘just’ stayed at home changing nappies, feeding babies, washing, cooking, cleaning, looking after sick children and catching up on lost sleep.

As the children have moved towards full-time school and my wife has returned to work, she still ‘only’ works school hours so that she can pick up the kids, take them to after school activities, get to the shops, cook dinner and help with homework.

Her career choices are also limited due to her availability and the years of lost experience.

So what is all the fuss about, mums?

My wife says that she does all this stuff but I never see much happening. Supposedly she spends her time during the day cleaning but the house never seems to be that messy when I get home. She says she has to oversee their homework and cleaning of teeth, but the kids are doing well in school and have perfect teeth.

In our home she’s the one who looks after the budget too. We don’t have a lot of money, yet she is always able to find enough for food, clothes, school fees, house repayments, insurance, birthdays, Christmas, the occasional holiday and sometimes even spoiling ourselves.

She also does a lot that seems to have very little practical benefit to her at all. She gives her time freely to MOPS, to the church, to her friends and to her family, giving preference to providing emotional and practical support to those in need and contributing towards spiritual growth in others.

Not only does she do all of this, but our children are starting to do the same. They are watching what she does, learning from her and following her example. One day our daughters are likely to become just like her and our son will learn about women and how to treat them from what she shows him.

So if all this is a reflection of what motherhood is, then thank you, mums. Thanks a lot.

Cale Begley
MOPS Husband

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