About MOPS

A MOPS group is an open, accepting place for all mums with babies, toddlers and preschoolers to experience authentic community, personal growth, practical help and spiritual hope.

Our gatherings allow mums to share their hopes, fears, experiences and insights in a format that works with their schedules, that doesn’t neglect their womanhood nor their real life, their motherhood nor their purpose, their heart nor their mind, their aspirations nor their faith.

While each group is different, a MOPS two-hour program consists of three main characteristics:

  • Welcome: MOPS is a place where you are accepted and valued, regardless of your personal experiences, background, birth place, religion or age.
  • Meeting: Child-free time* for YOU. Together with other mums, in a fun setting, learn something new about mothering or being a woman. Hear a speaker, watch a video, be creative …
  • Connection: Engage with other women, share experiences and dreams, explore ideas, have adult conversations and discover friendships.

* During MOPS meetings, children are cared for in the MOPS Kids program which includes indoor and outdoor play, singing, creative activities and stories (including age-appropriate Bible stories).

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