MOPS leaders honoured – 2017

MOPS is about encouraging and equipping mums of young kids to be the best mums they can be and helping women realise their potential as leaders. Each year the Board of MOPS Australia counts it a privilege to honour MOPS leaders across the country who give generously in time and energy to serve mums in their communities.

This year is no exception and again the Board was impressed with the nominations we received, highlighting that MOPS is blessed with some beautiful and dedicated leaders. The Board of MOPS Australia in 2017 was pleased to confer these awards on these deserving recipients.

Heart of MOPS Award

Erma Mayes

Erma was State Leader in SA for 6 years before becoming Area Leader for SA, Vic, Tasmania and subsequently national Field Manager. She is a gifted leader, thoroughly professional and every director’s dream! She and MOPS are a perfect fit!  It was a pleasure to go to SA as a surprise to confer Erma’s award in the presence of her family.

Hands of MOPS Awards

QLD – Sadie McCarthy

At 93 years old, Sadie has been active in her group for 12 years as a MOPPETS carer and now as Mentor. A faithful encourager of her team, connecting with and actively sharing faith and praying with mums in her group. Always brings a cake fresh from the oven.



NSW – Linda Perkins

Mentor for 12 years and Region Leader for 5 years. She is great supporter of her own group as well as supporting groups in ACT. Linda has run leadership training events, assisted in running conferences and has run positional workshops. She is an invaluable asset to her group.




VIC – Gabriel Norris

Served in the local group as Coordinator, Discussion Leader and Hospitality. Gabriel was a Regional Coordinator 2011-17, running regional training events, initiating the Leadership Training Roadshow. Gabby has been MC for state conferences, run positional workshops, been speaker at groups, and hosted training in her home.







VIC – Jill Sargent

Serving in local group since 2009 and several years as Region Leader and part of the Leadership Roadshow. Conference Convenor 2013, conference session leader, encouraged establishment of new group in rural Vic. Brings out the best in others.

TAS – Ruth Overton

Ruth has been nearly 10 years in MOPS group leadership, now a MOPPETS carer. Has been a Region Leader and now a State Leader. She has organised regional events, state conference, led electives and ‘Friday night frivolities‘ at conference. She routinely invests in the leaders around her.


SA – Louise Wabnitz

Louise has demonstrated consistent excellent leadership in Seaton MOPS, routinely going above and beyond. Is now a Region Leader. She has assisted in running state conference and developed at least 12 leaders.

How proud we are of these capable and dedicated women, and grateful for their investment in their groups and regions.

Thank you ladies, and congratulations to each of you!

Karen Dickson
MOPS Australia Chair

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