MOPS leaders hit the red carpet!

What a delight and a privilege it has been for the Board to receive nominations for MOPS Awards from MOPS leaders around the country recognising the significant contribution of their fellow leaders. The Board considered each nomination and we were impressed and very encouraged by the dedication and commitment of so many wonderful leaders in our MOPS community. I am personally inspired when I meet award recipients, and consider it a privilege to honour leaders for their contribution to the MOPS community and the women it serves.

Heart of MOPS Award: presented annually to a person who has demonstrated unusual commitment to the mission of MOPS Australia at a state or national level.

Sarah McIntosh from Vic received the Heart of MOPS. Sarah served on the Board until the end of 2017 when she stepped down to increase her influence in the field, firstly as Vic Conference Co-Coordinator and currently as Vic State leader. Sarah works tirelessly to encourage and invest in leaders and groups in Vic, with a longstanding passion for MOPS and what it means to families in Victoria and beyond. (Shown here with Jenny Fraser, Victoria’s recipient of the Hands of MOPS Award.)

Spirit of MOPS Award: recognises a Chartering ministry, church, MOPS Group or supportive business/organisation/individual who is implementing the vision of MOPS in the local community or further afield.

Chris White from WA received the Award in recognition of his contribution to MOPS. Without any benefit to himself, Chris responded to a request several years ago to look at developing a MOPS Aust database. He has spent hundreds of volunteer hours developing and refining the MOPS+ database which has revolutionised the nuts and bolts of MOPS communications. Chris has also been available to respond to troubleshooting enquiries and continue refining the package.

Hands of MOPS Award: honours individual MOPS leaders who have made significant contributions to MOPS at a local and/or regional area over an extended period.

VIC: Jenny Fraser has been involved in MOPS for many years on the steering team of her group and more recently as Region Leader. Jenny is a valuable member of the state team, and actively supports and empowers the groups in her region. As she has been equipped, she seeks to equip other MOPS mums and leaders.

QLD: Heather Mortensen has been involved in MOPS since forever holding a number of leadership roles. As Qld Conference Coordinator Heather brings wisdom, knowledge and a standard of excellence to the role. Nothing is too much trouble for her. She lovingly and authentically gives much of herself to her role and to the women in her sphere of influence.

NSW: Belinda Robson has served the Camden MOPS group for the best part of 10 years. She has gone out of her way to invest in the mums, the leaders and the groups’ carers, encouraging each to reach their potential. She is a strong leader, loyal friend and disciple for Jesus.

ACT: Badra Issa received her award at a special MOPS service at her church. She has been a Mentor for the Tuggeranong group for 22 years! Despite English not being her first language, Badra threw herself with passion and dedication into the role of Mentor and has faithfully cared for and led the mums in her group, preparing a short message for each MOPS morning.

TAS: Hanna Udy has held a number of leadership roles over the past 8years. She has an incredible heart for mums, as well as being committed to the growth of the leaders in her team. She leads with faithfulness and authenticity, sharing much of herself with the women in her group.

SA – Beth Badman, received her award at a special MOPS service at her church. She was instrumental in the establishment of 2 MOPS groups on the Yorke Peninsula. She has held a number of leadership roles, bringing all of her skills to the ministry. She is Christ centred and gives much to the mums, leaders and children of MOPS in her area.

WA: Katrina Rintoul, is a MOPS powerhouse in her area. She was a key part of the planning and establishment of a new group in her church, coordinating for several years. Katrina is dedicated to seeing MOPS flourish in her community, and gives time, energy and compassion to encouraging mums.

WA: Jess Denholm, received her MOPS award at a special MOPS service in her church as she was away at the time of conference. Jess has been a dedicated supporter of MOPS leadership at a local and state level, recruiting leaders, encouraging others, and contributing significantly to leadership training and conferences in WA. She is the “keeper of MOPS DNA”.

MOPPETS Carer 10 Year Service Award: recognises MOPPETS Carers who have served their group in the area of MOPPETS for 10 years or longer.

This year Awards have been given with great appreciation to these long serving MOPPETS Carers:

TAS – Julie Nielsen
SA – Lyndy Nesbitt, Cheryl Donaldson, Lina Breuker
QLD – Helen Woodrow, Lyn Valdeter
WA – Glenda Hawkins
VIC – Jenny Cox

The Board of MOPS Australia honours each of you, and takes great pleasure in recognising your commitment to the ministry of MOPS and the women and children in your sphere of influence. Thank you for all that you have contributed. May you be richly blessed as you continue to bless others.

Karen Dickson
MOPS Australia Board Chair

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