MOPS and Ministry

Jesus said, “Go into the whole world and proclaim the good news to everyone”. But where do you even start?

MOPS is the perfect place! All it takes is a team of mothers of preschoolers, a few hours a fortnight, and a church that cares about connecting with young families in its community. 

Wondering about a MOPS group in your church?  Hear what Pastor Rose Wilson has to say:

What makes MOPS outreach unique?

There are many great mother-and-baby groups but MOPS has a primary focus on MUMS!

At MOPS, mums have ‘time out’ from their kids for quality time with other mums. Together they share the joys and challenges of mothering. At MOPS, women experience community and friendship with mums in your church.

Through your church’s MOPS group, mums from your community can experience the love of Jesus demonstrated in the following ways.

  • Experienced mums from your church and invited speakers will provide teaching and encouragement about issues which are relevant to mums.
  • Volunteers from your church will care for the children in MOPS Kids to give the mums some much-needed ‘time out’ and adult conversation.
  • Opportunities are created to help build community and friendships with other mothers.
  • By sharing experiences, mums help each other to gain confidence in mothering.
  • Christian faith is shared through actions and lifestyle.
  • At Christmas, Easter and through personal testimony, the gospel of Jesus is shared in a context of friendships that have grown over time.

How will MOPS directly impact church growth?

All mums are welcome at MOPS. Mums who normally wouldn’t go to church will often join a MOPS group. Their need for practical help and spiritual hope gives the church an opportunity to minister long-term to mums and their families.

MOPS team leaders are equipped through leadership training events and resources.  MOPS leaders say they have grown from the leadership training they received in MOPS and their experiences in MOPS leadership have equipped them for futher ministry in their churches.

There are many ways a chartering church community can connect with its MOPS group, eg providing carers for MOPS Kids, invitations to church events, a MOPS Sunday annual church service which the mums are encoruaged to attend, and maybe providing morning tea for MOPS mornings and support to mums with new babies.

How Effective is MOPS?

“MOPS has proven to be one of the most effective ministries our church does. I think every pastor should have a MOPS group in their church. MOPS provides a proven model for leadership, team development and ministry opportunities.”
Pastor Andrew Corbett
Legana Christian Church TAS

“I believe MOPS to be one of the most effective ways to reach the community, especially young mums with little or no support structures, … in time bringing them to faith in Jesus.”
Pastor Clinton Wardle
Berri Church of Christ SA

“I love the fact that non-Church women feel so comfortable being part of what is happening.”
Pastor Colin Meadows
Riverton Baptist Community Church WA

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Our Mission:  MOPS Australia encourages and equips mums of young children to realise their potential as mothers, women and leaders, in relationship with Jesus, and in partnership with the local church.