MOPS Board and Management


  • Karen Dickson – Chair
  • Deb Rowling – Treasurer
  • Naomi Mathiesen – Secretary
  • Bron Lewis
  • Jo Tippet
  • Rebecca Carratt
  • Scott Crerar


Jodi Koepke

Managing Director

“My MOPS journey began when I had my daughter. The baby days were very challenging and MOPS was my sanity saver. The community and support I found there was unlike anything else. They not only supported me as a mum but also encouraged me to reawaken parts of myself I had thought lost. I was able to start using my gifts for the group and was soon on a leadership development journey. I am passionate about encouraging and equipping women as mothers, as community members, and as leaders.”  – Jodi

Sarah McIntosh

Field Manager

‘My MOPS journey started in 2001 after the birth of my first son, when I subscribed to the MOPS International Connections magazine, as there was no MOPS group near where I lived in the Blue Mountains. I then visited a MOPS group where my mother was a MOPSkids carer. I was hooked! Line and sinker! When we moved to Melbourne, I would only attend a church where MOPS was offered, knowing the benefits of community when you’re in a new place. I have always been passionate about MOPS and all that it stands for, and therefore wanted to give back to something that had given so much to me and my family. As Field Manager, I’m keen to see MOPS leaders across our country empowered to serve, for them to know and recognise their talents and to feel supported in using these talents in MOPS’ – Sarah
Megan Burton

Conference Manager

“I have always had a keen interest in events and functions, in particular to the administrative and logistical elements of pulling a project together. My desire is to serve God where I am gifted, and I constantly ask myself when something new presents itself “How can I serve God through this opportunity?’ The MOPS Conference Manager role ticks so many boxes for me –  the event industry is an area I am not only passionate about but also gifted in. My heart’s desire is to serve the women in our communities through MOPS and I see this role as further opportunity to do this.” – Megan



Growth & Strategy Manager- position vacant


Lexia Smallwood

Office Manager