MOPS Australia Conference

Registrations are open for our 2014 Australasian MOPS Conference being held on 17-19 October.

Have you registered yet?  A number of leaders and even a few babies are already registered for conference.  At the moment Queensland has the most leaders registered; can your state beat them?

Are you still a little undecided about coming?

Below is a story from Lexia Smallwood (our new Managing Director) about the first MOPS conference she attended.

“When the very first MOPS conference happened in Australia I was coordinating the MOPS group in my local church.  My first thought was, “Conferences are not for me!” I was a mother of a young child – my place was at home, I reasoned, not away at conference!  When our Mentor heard about the Conference, her immediate response was, “Hey, girls, let’s go to Conference!  We’ll all go as a team.  It will be fun. The conference will be great – and the drive there and back all together will be fun.” So, if my Mentor was encouraging the whole team to go, how could I – the Coordinator – not go? So we organised a road trip to Conference, and I put on a positive face and went with my team.  And our Mentor was right. The conference was great. The speakers were motivating. Meeting other groups was inspiring. And the opportunity for our team to bond was very positive for our group. That was my first MOPS conference.  And it changed my outlook.  I have not missed a MOPS conference any year since then (as a Coordinator, as a MOPPETS carer, and then as a Board member).”  

So what are you waiting for!  Register for conference (where you can meet Lexia) and encourage your leadership team to come with you.  Sherry Surat (MOPS International CEO and our guest speaker) will be motivating, you will be inspired by meeting other leaders and groups, you will have fun and most of all you will go home encouraged and inspired in your MOPS leadership role and as a Mum.

To find out more information about the 2014 Australasian MOPS conference go to our website or talk to your group Coordinator (who should have received conference brochures in the last couple of weeks).

To register for conference go here.  You can start your registration and come back later and change or complete it; just keep a note of the codes that you are given or once you put in your email address you will receive an email about accessing your registration.

When you register please “join a MOPS group booking” at step 2 of the registration process.  Your group is listed with the state or country first and then the group location.  This will help us know which group you are from for sleeping room allocations and for your nametag.

If you have any queries about conference please contact us Jillian via

If you have been to a MOPS conference in the past what have you appreciated most?

Looking forward to meeting up with you at conference.

Jillian Ross



2 thoughts on “MOPS Australia Conference”

  1. I went to my first Conference just days before my MOPS Group had it’s inaugural meeting. It was the best thing I ever did. Not only did it inspire me as a mum and a leader, but it was just great to catch the wider vision of MOPS and meet leaders from all over the place! It made me realise how big and exciting this MOPS thing was; that we were all in this together, changing the world one mum at a time 🙂

  2. I absolutely LOVE Conference. State MOPS Conferences are great, but an Australasian Conference is really something special. I can’t wait to spend the weekend with you all in October!!

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