MOPS Australia Awards 2015

Are you a leader?

Before you quickly answer ‘no’ and move onto read something else, let me suggest to you that as an adult who chooses to get out of bed in the morning, you are a leader! How do I know? Because each one of us is being watched by at least one other person. What we do and say influences that other person. If we are an influencer, we are in fact a leader. Maybe not the leader of an army, maybe not from the platform, from the head of a department, or even the one people see as a leader, but when you choose to put your feet to the floor in the morning, you put yourself in a position of influence. You are immediately available to lead.

SO… how is that working for you? Do you do only what’s asked of you and no more? Do you look for ways to care for others, to help and make life better for others? That’s what sets extraordinary leaders apart from the ordinary ones.

One of the privileges we have as the Board of MOPS in Australia, is to recognise the invaluable contributions of some of our leaders. It isn’t a reward for service but rather an enthusiastic congratulations for being an influential leader over a period of time, more often than not giving much more than their role demands, not out of obligation but our of care for those they are influencing. Many are not loud or up front people, but quiet and consistent, hard working and faithful people who want the best for those around them.

Let me introduce these award recipients to you recognising that each one gives without consideration of what they might get back, but rather out of consideration for the benefit of those they influence.

MOPS_037_1224x816_691441The Heart of MOPS Award is the highest award conferred by Mops Australia in recognition of significant contributions in leadership made at a national level. A beautiful and Godly woman, who epitomises wise leadership, this year Donna Hill was the recipient. Donna has been in MOPS leadership for many years, most recently as National Field Manager. Donna has just retired from MOPS but it was a privilege to honour her at the Tasmanian State Conference with this prestigious award.

The Hands of MOPS Award is conferred on leaders who have made significant contributions at a local or regional level in MOPS. It was a tough choice to set one leader apart from others for recognition having received so many nominations. A recipient was selected from each state and each received their award at their state conference or a special MOPS event, with their families secretly spirited into the venue to surprise and support them.

Lyn picQld: A Mentor and MOPPETS Leader from Mt Louisa MOPS for over 10years, Lyn Valdeter is a gentle leader, who is caring, approachable and available to the women and leaders in her MOPS group. Congratulations Lyn and Thank you for all that you have given to the women and families of you group and beyond.

Janette picNSW: Jeanette Odgers is a faithful leader for MOPS at Panania, consistently giving time and energy to make mops available to the women in her area. Congratulations and Thank you Jeanette!

IMG_0054VIC: What a woman! Cheryl Arsenis has been a MOPS champion and advocate in her area for over 13 years, stepping into different leadership roles as her skills have allowed and as the need has arisen. A quiet leader, Cheryl who is faithful to those she influences. Congratulations Cheryl and Thank You!

MOPS_038_816x1224_692524TAS: Karen Poke has almost considered herself a ‘reluctant’ leader. But true to her character of dedication and willingness to give for the benefit of others even when it stretched herself, Karen is a worthy recipient of recognition as a woman with a faithful leader’s heart. Congratulations and Thank you Karen!






SA: Kristen Hill is a keeper! Dedicated to her MOPS group for 12 years, Kristen has gone over and above what was expected of her in her leadership roles to the benefit of her group. Congratulations and Thank you Kristen!

Glenda pic

WA: Glenda Hawkins is the queen of MOPPETS at Moora MOPS. She has lead the little MOPPETS with unwavering enthusiasm for 7 years, making a MOPS experience not only possible but enjoyable for the Moora MOPS mums. Congratulations and Thank you Glenda!

MOPS Australia congratulates each of you ladies, and the women in your care and influence are grateful beyond measure for not just what you do, but who you are!!

Congratulations again and Thank you.

Karen Dickson

MOPS Australia Chair

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