MOPS (and Mars Bars).

Hi Everyone!

Now, I’m not a betting woman, (unless there are Mars Bars involved) but I’d be willing to bet money (or probably just Mars Bars) on the idea that if you’ve found your way to this blog you probably know a little bit about MOPS already.

For example, you might already know that MOPS exists to encourage, equip and develop every mother of preschoolers to realise her potential as a woman, mother and leader.

You might also already know that MOPS is a grassroots movement that believes Mums are world influencers (because they are! I mean, that’s a no-brainer am I right?!).

I’ll bet you didn’t know this though: In Australia there are just over 100 groups that serve more than 3000 Mums, and each year 133,000 women in thirty-nine different countries gather as a community of Mums to laugh, cry and embrace the journey of motherhood at MOPS? Crazy good eh? (I’m not sure if they have Mars Bars in all of those 39 countries though, that could be a bit of an issue.)
mops-groupMOPS groups rally women to be more honest and to find their identity through journeying alongside one another – I love this about MOPS.

Anyway…..I digress. Enough about the Mars Bars.

A funny thing happened. I was wondering what we should talk about today on the blog and I stumbled over a facebook post from one of our amazing MOPS Mentors. Her name is Louise and she is an incredible lady and a pleasure to work alongside.

Anyway, back to her post. She was talking about what she noticed at MOPS that morning, and I really wanted to share it with you on the blog today.

Louise said:

Today (at MOPS) I witnessed…
• Mums connecting with other Mums through real conversations.
• Mums gaining perspective and insight in this challenging season of mothering.
• Mums gaining practical parenting tips helpful to their specific challenges.
• Mums leaving MOPS in a whole different frame of mind then they came in.

And Louise didn’t even mention the morning tea, coffee and craft time, or the fact that this all happens while the children are cared for by the MOPPETS Carers. (I can only assume there will be a second post coming about that!)


MOPS Groups everywhere are providing something of incredible worth to their Mums. Louise feels pretty blessed to be a part of it, as do I.

You can find your nearest group, or more information about starting a MOPS group here.

If you are interested in finding your nearest Mars stockist – sorry I can’t help you with that one.

Please note, I did not receive any money from Mars for this post, but I think I should have, don’t you? (I would have shared it with you).

Linda Alfredsson
Blog Administrator

P.S. I’m going on a diet.

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