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cake“My best friend introduced me to MOPS a little over a year ago and it has helped me in all ways. MOPS = Mothers of Preschoolers and it’s a Mothers’ group where you can come and your child gets looked after by carers while you get to sit with other mums. You can talk, have a coffee and some yummy morning tea, have a laugh or even a cry if you need to. During my relationship I lost a lot of confidence and MOPS helped me get it back and be ‘me’ again! Not just ‘mum’, I got to be Tamira again, if you know what I mean. I love it so much…
It’s also helped me to become a better cook! I made it a personal goal to always make something home made when I bring morning tea, so now I can make slices and lots of home baked goodies ….”


I love hearing stories like Tamira’s because it means that MOPS is meeting real needs of real mums. So, what is a MOPS group?

MOPS is a community for mums – a meeting place where mums of young children can be themselves, can share this season of mothering with others at the same stage, make friends and gain confidence in mothering.

First up at a MOPS meeting there is a warm welcome with a hot cup of tea or coffee! There will be a talk on a relevant topic and time for discussion. There will be a creative activity. Creative activities are a lot of fun – and mums enjoy discovering new skills and the novelty of finishing an activity without interruption from busy hands and cries for attention!MOPS Morning 1_sml

After two hours of adult conversation, mums are refreshed, re-energised and eager to pick up their kids and hear about their morning at MOPPETS.

If you are a mum, there’s a fair chance MOPS will be just your cup of tea!

With the start of the school year, MOPS groups around Australia and New Zealand are now starting up their fortnightly meetings.

MOPS groups are hosted by Christian churches and are open to all mums of young children (from 0-6 years). Children are cared for in MOPPETS, a program with activities young children including playdough, car mats, singing, outdoor play, bible stories and craft.

This year we are excited to welcome new MOPS groups starting in:
NSW: Oran Park
QLD: Atherton
SA: Maitland, Nairne, Riverland
VIC: Manningham, Northcote, Sale, Warracknabeal
WA: Geraldton, Singleton

For more information about MOPS and to find a group near you, visit our website

Lexia Smallwood
Managing Director

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