Let Love Be The Loudest Voice!

What’s the big deal with the 3 simple words ‘I love you’?

As a midwife I cared for a woman having her second child just last week and her first words when she took her little girl in her arms, through sobs of joy, was ‘I love you so much’.  I don’t have to tell you that it was a pretty special moment.

My 13 year old daughter sent me a text message while she was away from home that read… ‘If I could measure how much I love you, I would have to create an entirely new universe to measure 0.1 of how much I love you.’ Wow! You can imagine how special that made me feel.

My daughters are all in high school now and, each year for the first day of school I make it a priority to equip them with the things they need. I cover books with care, press uniforms and polish shoes. If they want a specific  hairdo then so be it. I want them to begin the new school year with the confidence that they are ready. When they leave home each morning, they will always hear from me 3 words  … I love you.

When I tell my children that I love them, what I’m really saying is, ‘You are special and significant, you are not doing life alone, you are worthy of my attention and support, and when you step out to face the world you have someone in your corner cheering you on.’

Knowing that we are loved can change our world in a big way.

As a mum you might be pretty good at dishing out the love, but how good are you at receiving it? In the same way that we see our little ones step forward with confidence when they know they are loved, so too as mums we can step forward into life and all it throws at us with confidence,  because we know we are loved.

Love has a way of silencing doubt, building confidence and quashing fears. There should really be more of it and I don’t mean for your children, I mean for YOU! Does your thinking, your harsh self-appraisal,  get in the way of believing that you deserve love or special attention

Let me say this as gently as I can .. STOP IT!

Whether you believe it or not, the big guy upstairs who made you did a really good job. I know that because He doesn’t make junk.  So do yourself a favour and let LOVE be the loudest voice you hear as a mum. Allow yourself to receive it, and you’ll find your world view will be  transformed.

You know it does your kids the world of good, so try a bit on for yourself. Be gentle with yourself and let love be the loudest voice… you’ll find it most freeing.

Karen Dickson
MOPS Board Chair


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