If you have long-serving MOPPETS carers (10 years or more) please nominate them for the 10 Year MOPPETS Carer Service Award. All nominees will receive an Engraved Key Ring and a Certificate of Gratitude from the Board of MOPS Australia. These will be provided to the Group Coordinator for presentation to the carer(s).

Process: Applications are welcome at any time, but preferably by 1 June in any year. The paperwork is processed by the Board and made available for Coordinators to collect at their forthcoming State Conference. Please time your presentations for the latter part of the year.

About the MOPPETS 10 Year Service Award (inaugurated in 2015):
* The MOPS Australia Board wishes to acknowledge the value of MOPPETS Carers and to especially recognise those carers who serve for 10 or more years.
* MOPS group Coordinators are encouraged each year to identify MOPPETS Carers who have served their group for 10 years.
* Group Coordinators are encouraged to honour their MOPPETS Carers and present their award in the context of their MOPS group.
* MOPPETS Carers receiving the 10 Year Service Award will be recognised and publicly thanked at their respective state conference and will be included on the MOPS Australia website as part of the honour role.