The Day Mumma Lost It

download-24This morning was one of those mornings.

My son slept in and woke up crying over not wanting to do his speech at school next week.

My toddler didn’t want me to put her down, didn’t want to get dressed; basically anything I asked her to do she fought me over.

My eldest daughter was off with the pixies and totally preoccupied with the cupcakes she was taking to school to share with her class as it was her birthday yesterday.

There was no food in the house, no one could find their drink bottles, and the cat was trying to steal the kids’ breakfasts.

There were a thousand things that had to be done between getting up and leaving, and also once we got to school, and I’m not gonna lie….. Mumma lost her cool!

After I dropped my two older kids (and 28 cupcakes) off to school, I went to the shops to pick up a few things with my toddler who was still in her pyjamas because, well, I gave up on the getting dressed front this morning.

After I wrestled my trolley with the bad wheel back to my car, I unpacked my groceries into the back while my toddler climbed around the boot and into the back seat. As I was putting the last bag in and my little girl’s bottom and legs were waving around in the air as she struggled to climb over the back seats, another car parked next to me and a man got out.

download-25He walked past and we smiled at each other and said hello.

I turned back to my car and then I heard him say from behind me, “Would you like me to take your trolley back for you?”

I gratefully said, “Yes please,” and thanked him for his kindness.

That one small act of kindness from a stranger turned my morning and my attitude around.

It was the perfect example and reminder of what the kindness component of our MOPS theme for next year is trying to achieve. And made me super excited to see how lives are going to be changed and communities are going to be impacted when we encourage our MOPS mums to intentionally show acts of kindness to those around us.

download-26This morning I was reminded that showing acts of kindness to those around us doesn’t have to cost us anything financially. It doesn’t have to involve lots of time and planning. It doesn’t even have to involve any forethought! It can be as simple as returning someone’s shopping trolley for them when you can see they are struggling, and giving them a warm smile.

Next year is going to be life changing!

Belinda Robson
Coordinator, Camden MOPS

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