Just a Mum

Mum. This name, title; this three letter word looks so simple, so small and easy, but it’s not – I know.

There is so much more to “mum”. We are carer, teacher, nurse, maid, cook, playmate and much more.
We are refuge, stability and peace.
We are there to ease hurts and fears, to love, nurture and give confidence.
We are believers, builders, shapers and encouragers.
We are shelters, shields and warriors.
So many times we are dismissed or called ‘just a mum’.
I know how you feel when people say that. It hurts. It makes you feel inferior, like your opinion doesn’t matter because you’re ‘just a mum’.

I want you to know, I know you aren’t just a mum! This three letter word means SO much more!

You are teaching new things, passing milestones and making beautiful memories each and every day.

You are teaching your children things they have never done before and you are learning new things about this amazing new person everyday!

Each day is new. Some days can be tough, exhausting and emotional, but most days are delightful, joyous and beautiful!

No matter how many mums there are in the world, you are your children’s mum, it can’t be taken away, belittled or changed. You are special, beautiful, amazing and one of a kind.

When someone refers to you as ‘just a mum’ I want you to kick the ‘just’ out of it and enjoy the word ‘mum’.

I want you to think of how it makes you feel when your little person looks into your eyes and calls you “Mum”.

“Mum”, a beautiful three letter word that can bring so many things to mind, is yours. You’ve earned it!


Toni-Rae Burford
SA Regional Coordinator

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