Is Your Life As Glamorous As Mine?

My life is totally awesome and completely glamorous, every day.

It is full of flexible routines, solid sleep, respectful discipline, compliant small humans, family holidays, shared meals, well dressed clean children and lots of laughter. 


Before I became a mother, I had a glamorous (yet completely unrealistic) idea of what motherhood would be like.

The Merriam-Webster* dictionary defines ‘glamorous’ as ‘excitingly attractive’ and, to be honest, before I had children I had an excited attraction to all that motherhood had in store for me.

Since becoming a mother however, my idea of what glamour actually means has been really challenged. Nowadays I often say ‘Aaaah isn’t life glamorous’ as my witty comeback after dealing with a poo explosion or sorting out an epic sibling fight.

Here’s an example of one of my own not-so-glamorous moments. Try to imagine this is you – and if you’re a mother it shouldn’t be hard!

You’re 31, you have 3 children 5 years and under, you’re tired and today you’re heading to MOPS. Your goal is…to not be late. You manage to eat Miss 5’s crusts for breakfast and have mentally noted the groceries you need to buy. The baby has placed a perfectly timed number two in his nappy and while you deal with it, Master 2 draws a picture of you in red texta on the dining room wall. You take a deep breath, throw the dirty nappy out the front door and think, ‘I’ll put that in the wheelie bin later’. You get everyone dressed and run through the list of things you need to pack.

Nappy bag, toy bag, hand bag, spare clothes bag, lunch boxes, drink bottles, coffee (because if you don’t drink that who knows what could happen), shopping bags, the baby, Master 2 and Miss 5.

You open the front door and notice your dog sitting by the front fence. Quick as a flash Master 2 is out the door doing laps on the grass. You remember the nappy you threw out the door and then notice the contents have been spread across the yard. 

You look at your car and see Master 2 jumping on every seat, including yours! You begin to join the dots and realise his cute little sneakers have run through wet, pooey grass and now they are jumping on your car’s interior.

You roll your eyes at the dog, do a silent scream, clean the car, buckle the kids in, try to find your keys, look at the clock, see that you’re late (again) and wonder, ‘where has the glamour gone?’.

If you’re anything like me you’ll have had ideas about what life should look like but, more often than not, those ideas never turn into reality especially when it comes to mothering. 

But if we challenge our thinking, we can begin to find glamour in the most unexpected places. Like the sweet moment that your baby giggles for the first time or when your toddler picks you flowers and tells you they love you.  

It’s in these moments that we need to STOP, BREATHE and remember the glamorous attraction we have to the very people who make motherhood possible for us! 

Hanna Udy

Hanna Udy lives in Tasmania. She’s married to Abe, has three kids, runs MOPS Kids at her local church, is involved in their family voice over business and in her spare time (of which she doesn’t have much!) loves to downhill mountain bike and drink coffee.


4 thoughts on “Is Your Life As Glamorous As Mine?”

  1. Love it! You may not have had glamour in this moment, but you certainly had grace. ?

  2. Love it! You’re amazing Hanna. So well written. I always love your stories! Makes everyone feel normal.

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