I wish there had been MOPS…

“I wish there had been MOPS when I had my babies!”

People often say this to me when we get talking about our day jobs, and I tell them about the program that is run by my organisation, MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers).

What is it about MOPS groups that mums love so much? Well, it’s different things for different people:

• Some mums love the sense of sisterhood they get from sharing their mothering journey with other women in the same phase of life as them.

• Some mums just love having two hours of ‘time out’ from the constant demand of caring for little ones.

• Some mums love the mental stimulation of learning and discussing different topics at each meeting.

• Some mums enjoy being able to ‘finish’ a creative activity in one sitting; some feel the same way about their cup of coffee!

• Or it might be the friendships, the ready laughter, the adult conversation, or just discovering that you are not alone in this mothering gig and that every mum knows what it’s like to have one of those days.

There’s another thing people often say to me when they find out I work for an organisation with ‘preschoolers’ in the name. They say, ‘but you don’t have little kids!”

… and that’s another thing about MOPS. MOPS is a mothering community. While MOPS groups are all about mums with little kids, it is also a space where they are cheered on and encouraged by other mums, including those whose kids are grown.

Every MOPS group has a Mentor, a mum with older kids, who walks a few steps ahead of the mums in the group. She provides a listening ear, an empathetic heart, the voice of experience, and living proof that you will survive the early years!

MOPS groups are hosted by churches around Australia. MOPS is for mothers of babies and children under school age; all mums are welcome – whether you have a Christian faith, another faith, or no faith at all. You are welcome to meet with other mums for two hours each fortnight for morning tea, creative activity, a talk and discussion time while your children have their own program, MOPS Kids (and often a nursery for little babies).

You can find out more at https://mops.org.au/

If you are from a church that would like to make a real difference to families in your community, we’d love to hear from you too.

Lexia Smallwood
Managing Director

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