How Not To Discipline

woman-975339__180What would you say is the most common error parents make when disciplining their kids?

Someone posed that question to an expert and they said it is disciplining out of anger. They went on to explain why emotion is one of the most ineffective methods we use.

Imagine a police officer who tried to keep people from speeding by simply getting angry at them. They could stand on the street corner and yell as they passed by, trying to convince them to slow down. They could even jump up and down and turn blue in the face with anger, but would anyone really listen?

Of course not. We pay attention to them because they have the authority to family-838239_960_720pass out tickets.

That’s how parenting is. If you want to change a child’s behavior, you do it through clear consequences, not through anger. You calmly explain the poor choice they have made and then enforce consequences of that choice. It’s the only effective method of raising disciplined kids.


Brett Ryan – CEO
Focus on the Family Australia

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