How do you “mum” during seasons of pressure?

seasons of pressure

Ever felt your body was so full you thought it would pop? Has your head ever had so many thoughts you felt dizzy? Has your heart ever been so broken you thought it would never beat again? The experiences of seasons of pressure.

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these, keep reading.

Life is full of pressures; emotional, relational, financial, physical and psychological. When these pressures overwhelm you, being a mum can seem too much.

I’ve journeyed through seasons of life that felt too heavy to carry and impossible to walk, and yet I still had to be a mum. I’ve had moments in my life where the pressure of my circumstances literally exploded out of my body and landed on my family. Moments where my kids have witnessed my pain and felt their worlds shake.

Sometimes these seasons of pressure pass quickly and can be addressed by re-prioritising needs.

But sometimes these seasons feel like they’ve become a permanent resident in your mind and heart. A resident that constantly knocks to be let out. A pressure that is too much to carry but won’t go away.  I’m talking about seasons where loved ones are lost, security is shaken, betrayal hurts and anxiety roars.

It’s in these seasons that the pressure you carry seems to consume every part of your world and tries to distract you from being a mum.

During a particularly long season of pressure in my own life I had to learn how to ‘mum’ through the pain. I had to discover ways to make sure the fear, anxiety, uncertainty and overwhelm didn’t rob me or my children.

Here’s what I discovered…

Be kind to yourself

For me personally, this looked like healthy self-talk.

Find a safe place to release the pressure

Riding my bike, fast down hills, would let the wind blow my stress away.

Feed your soul

Coffee dates with close friends and making time to enjoy good food and laughter fed my soul.

Rest your spirit

Quality time with God and windy days at the beach helped my spirit find rest.

Respect your body

Finding a healthy balance between rest and exercise is important. Self-care is so important.

Prioritise your family

This involved saying ‘no’ to commitments that would take from my family and ‘yes’ to commitments that built a sense of security in my children and marriage.

Keep it in perspective

Taking time to focus and empathise with others, in their own seasons of pressure, allowed me to gain perspective.

Get support

I found professionals who knew how to guide me through the parts of my journey that I didn’t understand.

Keep it real

For me, this looked like sitting in the waves of pain and celebrating the wins.

While this list might make it sound like I had it all together, trust me, I didn’t. I failed, A LOT!

It took me time to work out how to carry myself as a mum in a high-pressure season.

Seasons of pressure will always come and go. Seasons of pressure might crush you in the moment, but with good support and healthy habits, what threatens to overtake you will actually make you strong and courageous.

Two qualities every mum needs!

Hanna Udy

Hanna Udy lives in Tasmania. She’s married to Abe, has three kids, runs MOPS Kids at her local church, is involved in their family voice over business and in her spare time (of which she doesn’t have much!) loves to downhill mountain bike and drink coffee.

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